The familial status and illustrious reputation of the descendants of Confucius in Qufu has flourished from generation to generation. These individuals inherited the lofty aspirations of their sagely ancestor, uphold the offerings and sacrifices, supervise the Temple and Cemetery, cultivate themselves and manage the clan, providing an enduring example for future generations of their family traditions. The instruments of food and drink; the hats, robes, and dress; and the calligraphy and cultivated antiquities of the Kong Family Mansion are abundant and distinguished. The numerous scrolls and volumes of the Confucian Residential genuinely record the intimate details of over five centuries of history for the noble family. The courtyard is remote and serene, with songs and stringed instruments reverberating. Push open the great gate of the Kong Family Mansion as if you are unrolling a painted hand scroll containing all the minute and fascinating details of traditional Chinese culture!

Unit 1: The Legacy of a Hundred Generations

Unit 2: The Kong Family Mansion Archives

Unit 3: Inherited Traditions of Confucian Family